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Interior Design for Short Term Rentals

Increase your STR's appeal & profits!

Let’s face it, people do judge a book by its cover. This applies to your short-term rental too! Investing in the interior design of your short-term rental can drastically increase your revenue. We can attest to this and have seen this happen IRL for multiple clients!

The Lowdown

Amenities matter, but design and decor are also crucial for a competitive edge. Renters are looking for a unique getaway that allows them to escape their everyday lives. Think about hotels: a 5-star hotel commands a higher rate not just for more amenities, but also for it’s bougie high-end design and furnishings.

It doesn’t have to be The Ritz

You can approach intentional design for your STR in several different ways whether it is the luxury route, a authentic local vibe, a fun extravagant experience, or something completely different and unique! We recommend not being a sheep, unless it’s the black one!

Work smarter not harder

Investing in interior design works for you in several different ways simultaneously. Starting with more eye-catching photos which increase clicks leading to more bookings. More bookings allow you to offer more people a unique and memorable experience which boosts reviews and ratings! As the demand for your rental increases, therefore you will be able to increase your prices. People talk and tend to share their amazing experiences and recommendations with anyone that will listen.

A little can go a long way

Just like there is no cookie-cutter way to design your STR, your investment level shouldn't follow a one-size-fits-all approach either. We specialize in budget inclusive, livable design and have found this works wonders for STRs! Plus, most STR's are not starting from square one and you are able to use a lot of what you already have!

Let an expert handle it

Although it may seem counter intuitive when it comes to cost, hiring an interior designer can save you time and money and the benefits will very likely increase your return immensely.

WHY?  Designers have the eye and expertise to make your home marketable for its specific location. They know where to find excellent deals on high-quality products and may receive special pricing from retail stores that you'd typically shop at full price. They can coordinate bulk shipping and can sometimes act as a project manager. Most designers provide eDesign which eliminates any proximity issues that come with the location of an STR.

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
This place is THE PLACE!! 🌴🎉💖 I came here to celebrate my 30th with 10 of my closest friends and it was the best decision!! Christine was so sweet and everything was super smooth from check in to check out!! All the rooms have their own theme and the decor makes its feel like you’re in a reality TV show house! 🥳 We really enjoyed it!!
— Airbnb Guest

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