Real Design for Real People

Accessible, Approachable, Affordable, & Attainable Interior Design Solutions

Have you considered updating your space or longing for a magazine worthy home but feel the interior design process isn’t for you?

If you are like us, you feel like the design process is a treasure hunt for information, designers seem to be The Wizard of Oz behind that damn curtain, and the whole thing feels like a marathon. Plus, the time and money it seems you need to invest seems like more of a commitment than your first marriage!

The struggle is real, but we've got your back! We are here to help cut through the bullshit and make your space perfect for YOU! Zoho Designs aims to provide REAL design for REAL people. Our goal is to flip the script and make interior design something that is accessible, approachable, affordable, and attainable for those seeking tangible solutions to enhance their living spaces. We specialize in creating unique designs for residences and vacation rentals.

Let's break it down


We let it all hang out! We don't want you to have to dig for information; we want you to be as autonomous as you desire in your design process. We provide all pricing for our services right on the product pages, along with the details of what you'll get and the information we'll need from you. We allow you to choose what you need, add it to your cart, and checkout without the hassle of having to email for more information or engage in lengthy discovery calls. Our eDesigns and layouts provide you with a simple interactive guide, so you can just click and purchase the items you want at your own convenience.


We design everything with real items that everyone has access to buy and allow you to choose your own adventure! You can add-on to any of our Instant Interiors or your Individualized Interior or shop our Select Your Solutions à la carte menu to design a custom service package to ensure you are getting what you need and want. We help in creating spaces that are both unique and aesthetically outstanding, while also being livable. So, go ahead and take the plastic off the sofa, life is about living, living beautifully! 


It's all about you! We aim to provide budget-inclusive designs and can work with any budget. (We might have to manage your expectations regarding what you can get for your budget, but hey, that's what friends are for!) You will always know the peak investment of our Instant Interiors as it is listed in the product description and on the cover page of each design. And guess what? We already shop from affordable brands, but we may be able to get you an even better price if we assist you with shopping (check out out The Princess Treatment add-on options for more on this)!


Mix it all together and this is what you get!

Here’s how we do it!

Instant Interior eDesigns

A complete ready-to-go interactive eDesign that instantly guides you in redesigning your home or vacation rental one room at a time! Browse our collection of pre-done designs in various styles all put together by room. All you need to do is add the design/s to your cart, checkout, and then order the exquisite items that have already been curated to create an amazing space. No fuss, no muss, have a new room in days or months, it's up to you!

Individualized Interior eDesigns

The same user-friendly format as our Instant Interior eDesigns but designed specifically for YOU! We want to know your style, the vibe you are wanting to create, details of the room, and your budget, then we will take it from there! When it is finished, we will present you with a unique eDesign and all you need to do is click and order your curated items on your time. You can also shop our Select Your Solutions a la carte menu and our add-on services to your Individualized Interior eDesign for an even more custom experience.

Select Your Solutions

Some of us real ones out there may not need an entire home or room made over. Most of us have made our spaces our own but are struggling to make them complete or feel juuuuuusst right. Don’t worry, be happy, because we offer an a la carte menu where you can choose from a selection of small projects so you can get and pay for only what you need!

Need just one piece for a room? Add “That One Special Thing” to your cart! Do you have and love all the furniture in your space but it's lacking pizzazz? Add “Zhuzh My Room” to your cart! Would you like fries with that?

Ready to kickstart the transformation of your space but feeling a bit lost on where to start? No worries – we've got you!
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Word on the Street
Word on the Street
"We wanted several wallpaper-accented walls, and Lily skillfully designed everything together with art, wallpaper, and furniture, resulting in a complete and stunning transformation I would have never been able to do on my own."
— Jerome M
Word on the Street
"Zoho Designs managed to not only deliver an outstanding design but also come in under budget for us."
— Skybase LLC
Word on the Street
"Not only was Lily's pricing more reasonable compared to other interior designers, but her impressive knowledge and expertise allowed her to pinpoint designs that perfectly aligned with my budget."
— Chris B
Word on the Street
This place is THE PLACE!! 🌴🎉💖 I came here to celebrate my 30th with 10 of my closest friends and it was the best decision!! Christine was so sweet and everything was super smooth from check in to check out!! All the rooms have their own theme and the decor makes its feel like you’re in a reality TV show house! 🥳 We really enjoyed it!!
— Airbnb Guest