Clockwise from top left: Orcino Green Marble Fruit Bowl from CB2 - $119, House of Hackney Decorative Leaf Tray from Anthropologie - $198, Morgan Glassware in Carbon from Anthropologie - $56 (set of 4)

It's that time of year... October is the sweet spot where summer hasn't quite yet faded away completely, and the weather has not yet turned into a never-ending soggy mess of sadness (I live in the NW). More importantly, it is the month that everyone gets into the spooky spirit of Halloween, which I was literally born to love as it's my birthday! However, I DO NOT, by any means, decorate my home with cheesy holiday-themed decor for ANY HOLIDAY. That being said, I do love a little darkness in my decor from time to time and the romance and lore it can bring. I also believe you do not need to limit that vibe to one month a year. So... I bring you our Guide to Gothic Grandeur to help you embrace your dark side all year long!

Download our free guide below to explore and shop our spooky home decor picks and indulge in the opulent darkness of high-end gothic home decor that transcends the boundaries of time. Whether you picture yourself lounging like a Victorian vampire queen on a luxurious velvet couch, surrounded by crimson-hued accents and decadent candelabras casting an enchanting glow or just want to add a few unique pieces to your home, we've curated a very special collection to help you bring timeless quality gothic decor into your home.

Guide to Gothic Grandeur: Embracing Opulent Home Decor All Year Long

October 05, 2023 — Lily Zenner